High Speed Automatic Die Cutter SUPERCUT 4030


  • Elavated Non stop Stream Pile Feeder with 4 pick up and forwarding sucker that easily handle thickness from 0.1-4 mmpaper,paperboard,grey board ,micro flute,E flute,B flute.
  • The Pre Loader option ensures on the run feeding while loading additional paperstock,considerably incasing productivity
  • Stainless Steel Paper Conveyor
  • 4 Front Lays and Push Pull lays ensures as precise a registration can adjust a cross up to +/- 5mm
  • Optic Fibre Sensors to sense front and side mis-register and stop the machine from running


Model : SUPERCUT 4030
maximum sheet size : 1060X760mm
minimum sheet size 400X350mm
maximum die cutting size 1050X750mm
gripper margin 8-16 mm
paper stock range 0.1-4mm
max. die cutting precision <0.1mm
max. die cutting force 320 tons
max. die cutting speed 7500 sheets per hour
max. feeder pile height 1600 mm
max.delivery pile height 1400 mm

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