High Speed Automatic Die Cutter SUPERCUT 3020


  • Zero Backlash Index Cam Drive -Korea
  • high grade die punching Hammer - korea
  • Gripper Bar Chain - Germany
  • Pnuematic Brake Clutch - italy
  • Quick Change Pnuematic Chase Lock
  • Non Stop Delivery System facilitates on the run paper stack removal for continuos delivery
  • Electronical Control Systems -Japan
  • Electrical Components Schneider Electric
  • Dual Speed Reduction Motor Imported from Taiwan for long life and high torsion


Model : SUPERCUT 3020
maximum sheet size : 810X610mm
minimum sheet size 320X230mm
maximum die cutting size 790X590mm
gripper margin 8-16 mm
paper stock range 0.1-4mm
max. die cutting precision <= 0.1mm
max. die cutting force 260 tons
max. die cutting speed 7500 sheets per hour
max. feeder pile height 1400 mm
max.delivery pile height 1200 mm
Total Connected Power 14.5kW
Operating Power 11kW

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