Petratto Metro 78/105 – Folder Gluer

  • METRO 78/105 folding gluing machine is a platform for the realization of special converting and printing jobs together, thanks to its open and modular structure and its great flexibility, without the burden and complexity of dedicated machines.
  • Its digital management system allows to interface with the other elements and attachments of the system. Jobs and sheet movement are controlled from the console. Metro grows up with jobs. Your jobs.


  • Presentation folders Double adhesive tape application
  • Multimedia packaging Remoistable glue application
  • Envelopes Credit card insertion (CD, booklets, envelopes)
  • Multiple folders Linear boxes with insertion of instruction manuals
  • Straight line boxes Crash lock boxes
  • Cartons Special boxes
  • Credit card wallets Concertina folders
  • Airline ticket wallet Start & stop perforation
  • Sleeves Creasing
  • Table Tents, Greeting cards, Picture holders Scoring
  • Reinforced edges Label application
  • Other foldings and gluings Parallel foldings, Z folding, gate folds
  • Mailing – Capacity folders
  • Specification

    Model : Petratto Metro 78/105
    Max. Size: : 780 x 780 mm (1050 x 780 mm)
    Min. Size : 60 x 60 mm
    Paper weight : 90 – 600 g
    Max. Speed : 200 m/min
    Max. Production : 44000 c/h
    PAPER THICKNESS : 100-600(gsm)
    TABLE LENGTH : 2.5(mtr)

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