• features

    • A back separation feeding system for the covering material.
    • - Newly designed copper scraper blades helps in preventing the covering material from winding up on the glue roller.
    • - An ultrasonic paper detector at the first feeding unit detects double sheet feeding.
    • - The baseboard feeding unit of the FUTURA-450 is controlled by linear guide line.
    • - The baseboard feeding unit is also equipped with a sensor which acts as a "no sheet detector".
    • - A suction belt conveyor system helps in smooth and accurate transfer of the cases.
    • - The paper positioning and board pasting unit adopts a highly accurate photoelectric control device for effective and accurate registration.
    • - The turning-in unit is equipped with an automatic angle folding machanism in addition to the edge folding system to ensure high quality of finished products.
    • - The FUTURA-450 adopts a central PLC control operation system. The machine is very operator friendly. During troubleshooting the cause of the problem is displayed on the touch screen, resulting in easy operation and effective productivity.


    Cardboard thickness 1-3 mm
    Heater required 1.5 kw
    Machine Dimension L8200 x W2100 x H1200mm
    Machine Weight 2500 Kg
    Paper thickness 100 - 200 g
    Paper width 90 - 450 mm
    Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit

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