Automatic Glue Laminator with Sheet seperator (CAGL 1100-Lss 1100)


  • The machine adopts cast-iron structure and has such characteristics as long service life and non-deformation.
  • Adopt security feeder, guarantee smooth feeder.
  • The machine adopts immersion coating method to make coating more uniform and glue-saving, this making the glued coating roller has such characteristics as non-crusting, non-freezing, easy cleaning, reasonable structure and easy operation.
  • The machine adopts four-roller double pressure laminating to make products quality stable and reliable itself more suitable for thick and thin paper laminating.
  • With such functions as automatic constant temperature, the glue barrel can prevent glue from freezing and effecting the laminating effecting because of too low temperature.
  • Five sets of finished product rolling trolley equipped with the machine can make products have enough time to solidify.
  • Operating power of the machine is single-phase 220v. Adopting Omron converter made in Japan and imported famous-brand control electric elements, the machine can run steadily without faults.
  • It is equipped with two sets of heating devices.
  • It is equipped with automatic punching device which can effectively improve production efficiency.

Specification Model CAGL-1100

Effective Width : 1092x787mm
Speed :0-40m/min
Total Power : 7.7kw
Overall Weight : 2.5T
Overall Dimensions :3850x1700x1800mm
Power :380V 50Hz

Specification Model LSS-1100

MAX PAPER SIZE : 900X1040(mm)
MIN PAPER SIZE :350X450(mm)
PAPER THICKNESS : 100-500(gsm)
WEIGHT :0.8(T)

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